Monday, October 06, 2008

The World Traveller heads out again

After all this time, I should be used to my husband's departures. Alas, it is not so. John flies out Wednesday morning for recruiting trip #2. This time he is away for just over 3 weeks. On the plus side we now can webcam each other. John John loves being able to physically see him, and his surroundings. It makes it a little easier. However we still miss him and not having him part of the daily routine.
Next weekend John John and I are venturing to the in-laws. We shall celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with them. I'm not sure what exactly John John has planned. He usually tries to do his favourite things like car rides and going to the mall with grandma. I am planning on meeting my sister for lunch on Saturday. Kingston-Toronto is just over 2 hours, so we are having lunch at a midway point. It will be nice to visit with her. Canadian Thanksgiving, even after 16 years is still a little painful. My mom had both brain surgeries on this weekend so she is on both of our minds.
Last Wednesday was Open House at John's school. His teacher had put together a little slide show of the kids. It was extremely cute. We also had to tour around the building. It's funny to see how well known John is at school. He's one of those kids where every teacher (and lots of kids) know him. His cuteness factor still remains. Which reminds me of Saturday. We had John's last soccer game, and of course the ice cream truck was there. John has been buying ice cream all summer so we know the owner well (he will purposely stop in front of our house waiting for John to run out!). Anyway, he asked which bar John wanted as he will either get a Sponge Bob or Strawberry Shortcake. He handed it to John and said that it was on the house for being such a loyal customer! I thought that was sweet.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall can be a beautiful season

I love the changes that fall brings. I love watching the trees change colour and the season in general. The only thing I don't like is knowing that winter is around the corner and the easy days are over. I love winter for different reasons, but snow storms, icy roads, school closings, and school delays don't tickle my fancy.
Work has been a little slow lately. I've probably had too much time on my hands. I realize now that having too much time is not always a good thing. John's first trip overseas went quickly. He heads out again next week. We have some unfinished business, and knowing that he's leaving again doesn't make me feel like starting.
Sometimes I wish life weren't so complicated. I hope that I can bear through this little bump in my life.

Monday, August 25, 2008

in three years

In three years, my sister has probably seen the most significant changes to her life. She got married seven months after our mom died, and one month later buried our father. Last year she became a mom for the first time. She will never get to have her parents be a part of her journey as a mom. My parents never got to meet miss adorable little Sadie.
My niece Rachel was only 7-months old when her grandfather died. She was born shortly after mom died. She too will never know her grandparents.
John John was only 5 when my dad died. His memories of my parents are rapidly fading. He barely remembers taking rides in the gold car.
Tomorrow it will be three years since dad died. I just wanted to reflect on what has happened in those years. It to me is a "how time has passed" reflection. Life does indeed move on.

Friday, August 22, 2008

one more week of summer vacation

when I was a teacher I thought 10 weeks wasn't enough. Then again, I did work without much of a break. Now that I have a child I can definitely see that 10 weeks is long. I see how he's regressed with his math skills. John still is reading, but definitely not up to par. Transitioning back to school will be an adjustment.
I am blogging downstairs on our new laptop. John ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and it was a bit of a problem at first. We had to have a Dell tech here, and support from Time Warner. Now it is working, and I am enjoying the wireless mode! When John goes overseas in September and October we'll miss this little luxury. It will be nice knowing that he won't have to bother work for a laptop and he can email/chat daily. John John even loves the laptop! I have to fight him to use it.
Work has been quieter than normal. Next week I am working 3 days. Hopefully I'll pick up some new kids at my other job in September/October. I also hope some more evaluations come in soon. Weird not being so busy.
Tomorrow we are heading over to Boston to check out the Kennedy library with my brother and his family. It will be fun. John has been to 3 presidential libraries this summer. At least he's had some educational opportunities!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

where has the summer gone

Nothing like a little rain to start the day. I don't believe we've made it through many consecutive days without a drop or two. Sort of depressing. Now we are in the home stretch of vacation.
John John was away last week visiting his grandparents. He had a fun trip, but was glad to be back home. When I drove up to get him he just came running to the car and gave me the biggest hug. It felt a little quiet around here without him. John and I sort of were at a loss, but enjoyed the time.
Busy week. I am working all 5 days, but not the whole day. Next week will be quieter, and then the following week school starts. Time to enjoy the rest of summer!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

time for a couple of days of quiet

the boys are gone! They are going to Scranton to see the Steam engines, Philly and New Jersey. They shall be back on Tuesday, which gives me 48 hours by myself. Woohoo!! I have no major plans even though I should try to accomplish a couple of things. This will give me the mental break to prepare for John's fall travel. He heads out in September for 2 weeks, and then 3 weeks in October. So in the grand scheme of things I deserve this break.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

summertime update

Trip, done. Family reunion, done. Our two major events for the summer are over I am happy to say. Our vacation to California was fun. We spent 3 days at DisneyLand. I was surprised to see how much smaller it is than Disney World. John John was able to ride his favourite ride, Autopia, about 8 times. Car man he is. He was a little disappointed that he couldn't drive a car himself. However the lines were never really that bad so he got to go a lot. We also hit many other rides. We got to meet up with friends we made 6 years ago. We had lunch with them on the 4th at the Rainforest Cafe. Then on the Sunday we went to their house for a birthday party. We visited the Reagan Library in Simi Valley before going to their house. On Monday we did all that we could in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We were able to go to John Tracy to show John the school he attended for 3 weeks in 2002. We definitely crammed in a lot in one day! Our trip was fun, and just a little different than our usual trip to the beach. Last weekend was my family reunion. There were 28 people here on Saturday. It was extremely hot so most of the day was spent in the pool. My niece Sadie wasn't too keen on swimming. She did enjoy throwing in the beach ball, but trying out her ladybug was not in the cards. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing day. It was nice just to visit with no other purpose. I will probably do it again next year. However preparing is always a lot of work! July has also been busy with summer enrichment camps for John John. He went to our local college the first 2 weeks for cooking classes. He really enjoyed that. Last week and this week he's been going to our district's enrichment. He has had fun. August will be a little less structured. Tentatively he's heading up to Grandma and Grandpa's for a few days. It will be a nice break for all! Then before we know it, summer will be over, and it's back to the daily grind. John heads out overseas in less than 7 weeks. Where does the time go??

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

heading out for vacation

and I haven't even blogged in a month! Oops. The school year wrapped up last week. All in all John had a very productive 2nd grade year. His teacher was excellent, and he learned a lot. If only his handwriting would improve, but I guess that's wishful thinking. Maybe his cursive will be better. John sort of slacked off with his work, and his marks for this last quarter showed. Bad mom for not pushing him, but some days it was a battle.
We are taking our summer vacation now instead of August. Tomorrow we fly out for California. We will be staying in Anaheim and hitting Disney Land. It should be a fun time. John John is excited to go. I'm also glad to have our big trip over at the beginning instead of later. I seem to have a slower summer so John john and I will have lots of together time. May be a good thing?? Family party is the weekend of July 18. My one brother is too busy to make it down. I guess it's good that I'm close to my two other siblings. Guess I should go and get the rest of the packing done. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ever have one of those days......

Thank goodness yesterday is over. John John had probably the worst day in a very long time. Combine lack of sleep and anxiety of his dad going away for the week, you have a recipe for disaster. Four meltdowns and more crying than I've seen in a long time. Hopefully today will be better.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

another day

why oh why is coming up with witty titles drive me batty?? Sometimes I wish I could just come up with catchy subjects. Truthfully, it doesn't matter. I like having this blog to air what's on my mind. I also like having this "spot" to share what is happening.
It boggles my mind to think the school year is on the down swing. One more month really left of John's grade 2 year. He only has 3 years left in elementary school. I am still mapping out his summer activities. Not sure yet if my in-laws will be available to have him over the summer. Guess that won't be the worst. It has been a nice little break the last couple of years. John John and I spend a lot of time together. Hopefully the John's can go up to Kingston for a few days without me. I've been there enough for the year.
Thanks Amy and Michelle for the responses. I never would have thought that time heals pain, but in some ways it has. My mom more so than my dad, but honestly her death was not a surprise. We were blessed to have her around for 12 years after her initial brain tumour. I feel guilty admitting that her dying was something that I was prepared for. I miss her, don't get me wrong. I sometimes wish to just hear her on the phone. I just know in my heart she is in a better place, and I can remember the mom I had before her cancer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

remembering mom

today would have been mom's 68th birthday. Hard to believe this is the 4th birthday not to be celebrated. Time has helped heal a little, but the inner core ache of missing mom still hasn't.
We spent a quick weekend up in Kingston. John's mom had surgery last Wednesday. She won't get results till this week about whether or not the cancer is in her lymph nodes. Irene is slowly healing. Hopefully she will get up and walking so she can go home. I was a good girl and went to the hospital to see her. Going in the General was not easy for me, but I did it. I guess hubby realizes it, but he didn't make a big deal about it.
So, on this day, I send a cherished heavenly birthday wish to my mom. miss you.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

maybe a quiet week?

Wishful thinking probably. I do believe work wise it might be a bit quieter. However every time I think that, it ends up being crazy.
This weekend we did odds and ends around the house. We needed to do some major cleaning, so we did that today. Yesterday we drove over to Saratoga for some shopping and dinner. John John was in a mood, so it wasn't a joyful day. I wasn't even in the mood to browse when we were at Target. We went to the mall, and I was very good. I eyed some things at Bath and Body Works, but resisted.
John goes away for work again. He's only away Monday and Tuesday, and then again at the end of the month. It will be nice when spring travel is over. He was away most of last week. John John and I had a little too much togetherness. We were definitely ready for a buffer. Too bad he didn't come home with a "I'm ready to handle it" attitude.

Friday, April 25, 2008

crazy week

This has just been a crazy week. It all started last Sunday when we were driving home from Phil's. We had literally just pulled onto the turnpike, and John's mom called us. She told us that John's grandmother just passed away. Nanny, as she was lovingly called, died peacefully at home, at the ripe old age of 99. When we got back home John's dad called to say the funeral would be on Wednesday. Now the only glitch in this for John was being able to leave the country.
John is currently in the process of becoming a US citizen. His green card expired the end of January, and until he gets his citizenship coming back home would be problematic. On Tuesday morning he drove into Albany to Homeland Security to see if there was any way he could get a stamp in his passport. Although Homeland Security was sorry for his predicament, they wouldn't do it. So, as I told him earlier, just pay and renew the green card. John ended up doing that, and was able to go to his grandmother's funeral.
Which leads me to the next part of the crazy week was Tuesday before we were to leave. John gets a call and his mother was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I came home quickly during the day for a bathroom break, and John was totally upset over this. I told him to just go and not wait for John John and I. I knew he wanted to possibly stay after the funeral, and it's a relatively short drive. He left, and when he got to Kingston, his mom had been discharged. Turns out she had a mini stroke. Aiye aiye aiye.
The funeral itself was a beautiful tribute to Nan. She had picked out a lovely pink casket, all lined in satin. The hymns she picked out were nice, and the minister gave a nice eulogy. It was sad seeing such a bigger than life woman leave this world. However, how can you complain about 99 years?
Now I can only hope that this is enough on craziness.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 things....

List 5 things your readers may not know about you.

1. I have a horrible habit of swearing, especially when I'm driving.

2. I love coloring, especially with new crayons.

3. I have dual citizenship (American / Canadian)

4. I worked for a summer in housekeeping at a hotel.

5. I failed my driver's test on the first try.

There! No I can't confess to anything extraordinary. I can not do the splits. Can't do anything with my tongue (at least not blog material). Have I done things that I'm not proud of? You bet. However these are 5 things you may not know about moi.

Monday, April 14, 2008

spring break

and so it is! The weather is being cooperative, and by the end of the week it's supposed to be in the upper 6o's. I am so happy to see the snow melting and out of the way for 6 months or so. This week is John John's spring break. I unfortunately am working most of it. Too much to do, and not enough time to finish it these days. At least I don't have to see my 3 to 5 year olds. I did come out of one house only to find out she has lice. NASTY! My clothes went right into the wash after work. Somedays I feel like I don't get paid enough to go into such dirty places. Not that I'm immaculate myself, but in those places mine looks beautiful.
I was a very good girl this past weekend. I took John up to Kingston to see his grandparents. John had to work, so I figured it beat hanging around here. John John hasn't seen them since Christmas and I figured it would be a nice thing to do. My in-laws appreciated the gesture and enjoyed the visit. I was able to meet a friend for coffee. We missed John, but I bet he enjoyed the little break. This coming weekend we are heading over to my brother's for a mini Passover. Weird celebrating it with just us, but no other invites were forthcoming.
I am busy these days at work. I can't complain as the money is good. We shall see what the summer is like. Now it's off to fold some laundry. The fun never ends.

Monday, March 31, 2008

guess I should update my own blog

been surfing and reading my friends' blogs, and have ignored my 0wn. Bad girl! Today was one of those days where I should have just stayed home. It rained all day, and just yucky. I had scheduled 5 visits, but managed to only get in 2 due to various cancellations and sleeping. I still don't understand why it is so difficult to get up for an 11am appointment. But far be it for me to figure that out. So, with time to spare I paid the water bill and Jackson Hewitt. We were figuring that we owed big time for taxes. Fortunately our taxes aren't that bad, and with the federal rebate coming we'll actually be more than even. Sweet!
This weekend we are going to Washington D.C. John has a program on Sunday, so John John and I are tagging along. It will be nice to get away. My last trip was in January. Next weekend I am taking John John up to Kingston to visit his grandparents. Lord knows what possessed me to offer this in some ways. John has to work 2 open houses and I needed some form of entertainment for John John. So what do I do? Open my big mouth and offer to take him up to see his grandparents. For one night I can do it. He hasn't seen them since Christmas and it will be good for him to see grandma before her surgery. I just hope I don't come back regretting it.
Still on the fence about what to do for Passover. I am leaning towards just going to our synagogue's seder. My aunt ditched me once again. I should seriously not even bother. She's to wrapped up in her own thing. I should also not let it bother me.
Now it's time for the weather to be more cooperative and feel like spring.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

thinking about what I've gained since my parents' deaths

I read an article posted by a friend about how life is after your parents are gone. To be honest, for the last 2 1/2 years whenever I think of them I get sad. I miss the fact that they now have 2 adorable granddaughters. I'm sad that my son is really forgetting them alive. I miss not being able to just call them on the phone to say hi. I miss my dad's twenty million calls before driving up to see them about which day might be better based on weather. The list could go on cause honestly their deaths have left a hole in my life.
But, time has moved on and without them mine has marched on. I can see that I'm closer with 2 of my siblings. My one brother Andrew has reverted back to his independent life. I shall remind him of our family reunion this summer, and maybe he'll come. Probably not, but the invite is extended. My other brother now lives three hours away so we get to visit often. My sister lives quite a distance so seeing each other often isn't always feasible. So, in a nutshell I do see a positive or two since living without my parents.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

another crappy Wednesday

This has been the weather pattern for a while. Fortunately we didn't get as much ice as they were calling for. To be honest though, I'm just tired of reworking my schedule to accommodate the bad weather. I so can't wait for spring.
I got the call yesterday to start with the other agency. To answer your question Michelle, I shall now be contracting with the 2 agencies. I am only providing Special Education therapy for the new agency, but working with 3-5 year olds. The agency that I've been working for for the last 5 years I provide therapy for 0-3 year olds, and do evaluations. So, in my opinion it's a win-win situation. I can expand my caseload and still work the hours I need. With the way our adoption is going, I don't see us going over to China till at least next Spring now so that won't be a factor.
This weekend my cute little niece Sadie turns 1. I had planned on being there for her party, but now we can't. My sister was understandably disappointed, but she understands. I'm happy that my sister loves being a mom. Being a parent gives you a whole different perspective! Here's a picture of her. She's just too cute!

Friday, February 29, 2008

I got another job....

Let me start by saying I love my job. I work as an Early Intervention therapist, and I love going to people's houses and working with kids. Of course driving in bad weather, and some houses that I go in aren't the greatest, but for the most part it's a great job. The big drawback though, is getting new clients. I'm at the mercy of the county's who usually ask me last to pick up kids. I can't work with 3-5 year olds at my agency so that puts me in a disadvantage. Well, not anymore. Today I went on a job interview and got hired with another center where I can provide Special Education therapy for 3-5's. I'm so excited!! My interview lasted 15 minutes, and I was hired on the spot. It makes me feel good to be offered it right away. Now we can also sock away more money which will be nice.
We are getting another storm tonight. We will never be able to see over the snow banks! I am ready for warmer weather and the snow disappearing. Tomorrow marks the beginning of March, so I shall hope the snow is gone in a few weeks.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

successful birthday

I had a nice birthday. John barbecued a nice steak. It would have been nice to go out, but the budget is tight this pay. I actually have a job interview tomorrow. I'm looking to expand my caseload, and working with another agency will help. This way I can work with 3-5 year olds. I'm a little nervous, but I think it will be a good move. My former boss will be a reference.
This weekend we are planning on hanging out at the homestead. I think we might go to this carnival in Amsterdam. We are also going on some trips with John coming up. We need to book our trip to California soon too. I can't believe February is over. This year is flying by.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

happy birthday to me....

well, there it is, I am now officially 39. No, this isn't a pity party. I am just amazed that this is my last year of my 30's, and next year it's 40. For the most part my 30's have been pretty good. I have watched my son grow and change so much. It has also been touched with deep sorrow over losing my parents. I am a little bittersweet tonight thinking about them. Life continues to march on, and sometimes just knowing that I can't talk to them hurts.
Today was just spent hanging out with the boys. Last weekend we went over to Lee, MA and had dinner with my brother and his family. I'm happy that they live so close. It's nice seeing them more often. I had to cancel my trip to Toronto for my niece's 1st birthday. I feel guilty that we can't go. We waited too long to book flights, and can't get them for the lower rates. Plus driving 6 hours by myself (with John John) and possible winter weather doesn't seem doable. So, the hotel reservation was cancelled. Sorry sis!
Tomorrow I am celebrating with my girlfriend's. Should be a fun lunch. I also applied for another part time job. Work has been slow lately, and I need more of a client base. I think working with 3-5 year olds will be fun. Haven't had that age group in quite a while.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

two more days.....

down to the wire of being 38. Can't believe I am turning 39. Where has the time gone??? I swear I was 25 yesterday. Not that my 30's have been bad, it's just time seems to be spinning away. I look at John John and see that he is growing up so fast. Where did my baby go? Seems like his early years are a thing of the past.
This weekend shall be spent here. We were supposed to go to Kingston to help celebrate John's grandmother's 99th birthday. However dear hubby can not leave the country as his green card has expired. He's in the process of becoming a citizen, and until that happens he can't leave. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise?? John John was a little disappointed as he had made plans with his beloved grandma. Hopefully he can visit soon.
I am finished work for the week. Today we are going to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. Should be a fun day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

snow day #3

wow, in such a short time we have pretty well used up all of our alloted snow days. I think our district finally got wise and secured 4 because after all we do live in a snow belt. It was a nasty wintery mix today. John John and I did the only thing possible and stayed in our jammies all day. John braved the elements and went to work. He took my SUV which made perfect sense considering I wasn't going anywhere.
Tomorrow it's back to work and I shall hopefully get in my scheduled visits. I think that's the only thing I despise about being a per diem employee, no work no pay. I love the flexibility, but that part of it sucks. John John is looking forward to his Valentine's party. Next week is his winter break, and I've registered him for 3 days at the YMCA. He'll have fun.
I see my doctor on Friday for my annual. I am pretty sure dear old aunt flo will be here so that means rescheduling the nasty. Yay. NOT. Saturday we are meeting my brother and his crew for dinner halfway between us. Should be fun. Maybe we can hit one outlet!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

and to think we actually planned for tonights den meeting

for once, Kristy and I sat down and planned the entire month of cubs. However, due to possible bad weather our cub master cancelled. Oh well! While I enjoy being a part of cubs, being a den leader isn't for me. Friday night is the big Pinewood Derby, but that will be fun.
This week has been quiet at work. I don't have any evaluations scheduled so I'll be finished tomorrow. I shall enjoy a three day weekend. I'm hoping more evaluations will be here for next week. I don't want a crappy pay.
Life is quiet otherwise.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday night....

Just hanging out at home with the boys. I just finished Beach Road by James Patterson. It was a good book with a bit of a surprise ending. I got the latest Janet Evanovich at the library today so I'll probably start that next. Funny how my reading habits have changed over time. I used to be a voracious reader. I could easily finish a book in a few hours. Now it takes days if not weeks to finish them. Sometimes I can get back into a groove and read quickly. I guess not having hours to kill over a book is also a factor.
I tallied my credit card to see how many times we hit Walmart in January. I know that all of the charges aren't mine, but between the two of us we went nine times. We also spent just over $200 which isn't too bad in my opinion. I also have dear hubby bring lunch a few days a week. This has been a bit of a savings. Even though he's not a $10/day lunch kind of guy, $3/day times 5 adds up to $15/week. Trying to cut back on even the small things can help. I guess it's the small things that add up.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

and we are finished with the birthday party

I must say having a party outside of our house is wonderful. Nothing to clean up, nothing to prepare, and no aggravations. Well worth the money in my books. We had 12 kids at McDonald's, and they all had fun running around and playing in the tubes. John got some nice gifts. He also had fun playing with his friends. Nice to have it over with!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

happy 8th birthday to my little man

hard to believe my one and only is now 8. It has been such an incredible journey being a parent. Tomorrow we are having a party at McD's, and we had a family weekend at the indoor water park. Not a bad way to celebrate. Just for fun here is my little man over Christmas, and the other one is at his 4th birthday. Love you little man.

Monday, January 28, 2008

rejuvenating weekend

At Christmas I received the last of my inheritance, and decided to use some of that money for our weekend getaway. We went to an indoor waterpark over in Lake George, which is just over an hour away. I must say it was a very fun weekend. We didn't leave the hotel once. We indulged on just eating at the hotel and it was worth it. The game room was a fun break from the water. Kudos to my hubby for riding the big slides too. Well worth the money!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

retail therapy

We get a year-end summary of every transaction on our main credit card. I wanted to see just how much we spent at our local Walmart. I was amazed that at that one store alone we spent almost $3,000.00. I do realize we buy a lot of household necessities such as laundry detergent, and toilet paper, but there are so many times I go in there with the intention of buying one item, and coming out with a cart full. Plus I was amazed at how many weekends we would go there 3 or 4 times.
I bought Suze Orman's book on women and money. I was pleased to see that for the most part we are on a good track. We don't have credit card debt, and on a good road for retirement. John and I aren't huge material beings. Of course if you come inside our house you might think otherwise, but it isn't packed full with things. I think my overall plan for this year is to cut back on the mindless trips to Walmart (and sometimes Target) and save a little more. So, the challenge is on. Let's see how well I stick to this plan.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

and so the week goes....

Tonight is sign up time for after school enrichment. John is interested in cooking and painting. I wish they would offer more, but we'll take what we can get.
Not a lot on my mind to talk about. Birthday party invites went out in the mail on Monday. Now it's time to wait and see who will RSVP. I did get 2 yes's at Cubs last night. The boys had fun playing board games. The Pinewood Derby is on the 1st of February.
This weekend shall be spent here. Saturday night we are having friends over for dinner. I am working Saturday morning too. I am also working on Monday as John is taking the day off. He's been busy at work. Next weekend is our trip to the indoor water park. We are all looking forward to that. Even though the hotel is an hour away, it will be fun to try something new out.
As promised, here are some pictures. The first one is my sister Kathleen and her beautiful baby girl Sadie. The middle one is my niece Rachel, with John to the side. The third one is John holding Sadie. He was holding her head so she would look at the camera.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Life is all about compromise. As I posted earlier, John's party went from a few friends to 12. We went back and forth, and came to a compromise. Instead of having pizza here, we will now host a party at McDonald's. I did not back down though on "inviting the whole class". I have addressed the invites and they are out in the mail today. The whole not RSVP'ing drives me insane. John John has invited a few friends from school, a few from cubs, and a few from our old playgroup. Having it at McDonald's will mean they can run around and not fight over toys (or at least John not getting mad because they touched a favourite one). Plus less chaos in one small house.
As for the weekend, we drove over to my brother Phil's Saturday afternoon. My sister Kathleen and her 10 month old daughter Sadie had flown in on Wednesday for a few days. We got to visit with them, and celebrate my niece Rachel's 3rd birthday. My niece Rachel is a pip. She was very excited to eat her Dora cake. She loved her presents. I'll have to post a couple after. My other niece Sadie is just too adorable. She will be talking very soon. She is over her stranger anxiety, so I was able to hold her for a bit.

Monday, January 07, 2008

But I want to go to Build-A-Bear

Yes, a new discovery here at the Pomeroy house is Build-A-Bear. John John went for the first time in November. He made his loveable Rudolph. But wait mom, I need to go back and get Clarice. Santa to the rescue! Yes, indeed Santa made the save on that, and Rudolph and Clarice are together forever. Now on to this past weekend. John wanted to work for a couple of hours so we tagged along. We did need to go to Best Buy at the same mall to exchange a video game, and a trip to Build-A-Bear. So, home came our latest creation, Ian.
Now onto the birthday dilemma. I purposely booked a weekend away at our local indoor water park to escape the dreaded big "invite the whole class" birthday party extravaganza. I said we could have a small party here, and that should be sufficient. Small has ballooned into 12 guests. I don't want 12 kids here as that seems to defeat my idea of small. Oh what to do?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

miraculous recovery

hubby went back to work, and was ready to go to the urgent care clinic. Lo and behold he felt better and did not go. Guess it wasn't a sinus infection after all.
Today was one of those bitterly cold days. It was a sad reminder that winter has come and will stay for a while this year. I know I shouldn't complain, because last year we didn't get any snow till February. This year, not so. I do love winter and snow, and for the most part love living in the northeast. Just when bad weather interferes with driving and getting to where I need to be is not so fun.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I just want to know

why is it when men get sick, they have to stay in bed????? Seriously, I appreciate the fact that you don't feel well, and just need a little rest. But, when it goes on for a few days and not doing anything gets old fast.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Any New Year's resolutions?? For me personally, I don't even attempt to make them as I will just as quickly break them. Life is too short. Now that the holidays are over, it will feel good to get back to a regular routine. Hopefully this next storm won't make for a snow day tomorrow. I am glad that John is taking another day off tomorrow, so if it does happen I can still work. I think bad road conditions are the one thing I truly despise about my job. I have a lot of miles to cover and bad roads make it worse.
Last night John and I went out for dinner with another couple. Our plans almost got cancelled because our babysitter backed out. However, her parents made her change her party plans and keep her sitting commitment. A little nervewracking for a few, but it turned out to be a fun evening. When we got home John John was up waiting for game night. We played a round of Sorry, and then a game of his creation. Then we went upstairs and snuggled in bed together. John John made it till 11. Not bad.
Today we are getting another storm (I mentioned this earlier!). Guess it will be another lazy day around the house. I do have some work reports to do, and should do some cleaning. Fun fun fun!!
We booked a room at the indoor water park for John's birthday. This is in lieu of a big "invite the class" party. I convinced John John a couple of months ago to do this as big parties were just becoming too much of a hassle. I so hate inviting all these people, and then hardly anyone RSVP's. Last year was a total fiasco with the gym changing our party date. So, enough of that crap, and a weekend at an indoor water park is my idea of a better time. I don't mind say maybe 3 or 4 kids over for pizza, but no to a big party.
John won't know till some time this month if he's going away in March. I should feel guilty for wishing it isn't a go, but in some ways I hope he isn't going. For the most part John John and I are fine. So, we shall see.