Monday, August 25, 2008

in three years

In three years, my sister has probably seen the most significant changes to her life. She got married seven months after our mom died, and one month later buried our father. Last year she became a mom for the first time. She will never get to have her parents be a part of her journey as a mom. My parents never got to meet miss adorable little Sadie.
My niece Rachel was only 7-months old when her grandfather died. She was born shortly after mom died. She too will never know her grandparents.
John John was only 5 when my dad died. His memories of my parents are rapidly fading. He barely remembers taking rides in the gold car.
Tomorrow it will be three years since dad died. I just wanted to reflect on what has happened in those years. It to me is a "how time has passed" reflection. Life does indeed move on.

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