Thursday, January 31, 2008

and we are finished with the birthday party

I must say having a party outside of our house is wonderful. Nothing to clean up, nothing to prepare, and no aggravations. Well worth the money in my books. We had 12 kids at McDonald's, and they all had fun running around and playing in the tubes. John got some nice gifts. He also had fun playing with his friends. Nice to have it over with!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

happy 8th birthday to my little man

hard to believe my one and only is now 8. It has been such an incredible journey being a parent. Tomorrow we are having a party at McD's, and we had a family weekend at the indoor water park. Not a bad way to celebrate. Just for fun here is my little man over Christmas, and the other one is at his 4th birthday. Love you little man.

Monday, January 28, 2008

rejuvenating weekend

At Christmas I received the last of my inheritance, and decided to use some of that money for our weekend getaway. We went to an indoor waterpark over in Lake George, which is just over an hour away. I must say it was a very fun weekend. We didn't leave the hotel once. We indulged on just eating at the hotel and it was worth it. The game room was a fun break from the water. Kudos to my hubby for riding the big slides too. Well worth the money!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

retail therapy

We get a year-end summary of every transaction on our main credit card. I wanted to see just how much we spent at our local Walmart. I was amazed that at that one store alone we spent almost $3,000.00. I do realize we buy a lot of household necessities such as laundry detergent, and toilet paper, but there are so many times I go in there with the intention of buying one item, and coming out with a cart full. Plus I was amazed at how many weekends we would go there 3 or 4 times.
I bought Suze Orman's book on women and money. I was pleased to see that for the most part we are on a good track. We don't have credit card debt, and on a good road for retirement. John and I aren't huge material beings. Of course if you come inside our house you might think otherwise, but it isn't packed full with things. I think my overall plan for this year is to cut back on the mindless trips to Walmart (and sometimes Target) and save a little more. So, the challenge is on. Let's see how well I stick to this plan.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

and so the week goes....

Tonight is sign up time for after school enrichment. John is interested in cooking and painting. I wish they would offer more, but we'll take what we can get.
Not a lot on my mind to talk about. Birthday party invites went out in the mail on Monday. Now it's time to wait and see who will RSVP. I did get 2 yes's at Cubs last night. The boys had fun playing board games. The Pinewood Derby is on the 1st of February.
This weekend shall be spent here. Saturday night we are having friends over for dinner. I am working Saturday morning too. I am also working on Monday as John is taking the day off. He's been busy at work. Next weekend is our trip to the indoor water park. We are all looking forward to that. Even though the hotel is an hour away, it will be fun to try something new out.
As promised, here are some pictures. The first one is my sister Kathleen and her beautiful baby girl Sadie. The middle one is my niece Rachel, with John to the side. The third one is John holding Sadie. He was holding her head so she would look at the camera.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Life is all about compromise. As I posted earlier, John's party went from a few friends to 12. We went back and forth, and came to a compromise. Instead of having pizza here, we will now host a party at McDonald's. I did not back down though on "inviting the whole class". I have addressed the invites and they are out in the mail today. The whole not RSVP'ing drives me insane. John John has invited a few friends from school, a few from cubs, and a few from our old playgroup. Having it at McDonald's will mean they can run around and not fight over toys (or at least John not getting mad because they touched a favourite one). Plus less chaos in one small house.
As for the weekend, we drove over to my brother Phil's Saturday afternoon. My sister Kathleen and her 10 month old daughter Sadie had flown in on Wednesday for a few days. We got to visit with them, and celebrate my niece Rachel's 3rd birthday. My niece Rachel is a pip. She was very excited to eat her Dora cake. She loved her presents. I'll have to post a couple after. My other niece Sadie is just too adorable. She will be talking very soon. She is over her stranger anxiety, so I was able to hold her for a bit.

Monday, January 07, 2008

But I want to go to Build-A-Bear

Yes, a new discovery here at the Pomeroy house is Build-A-Bear. John John went for the first time in November. He made his loveable Rudolph. But wait mom, I need to go back and get Clarice. Santa to the rescue! Yes, indeed Santa made the save on that, and Rudolph and Clarice are together forever. Now on to this past weekend. John wanted to work for a couple of hours so we tagged along. We did need to go to Best Buy at the same mall to exchange a video game, and a trip to Build-A-Bear. So, home came our latest creation, Ian.
Now onto the birthday dilemma. I purposely booked a weekend away at our local indoor water park to escape the dreaded big "invite the whole class" birthday party extravaganza. I said we could have a small party here, and that should be sufficient. Small has ballooned into 12 guests. I don't want 12 kids here as that seems to defeat my idea of small. Oh what to do?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

miraculous recovery

hubby went back to work, and was ready to go to the urgent care clinic. Lo and behold he felt better and did not go. Guess it wasn't a sinus infection after all.
Today was one of those bitterly cold days. It was a sad reminder that winter has come and will stay for a while this year. I know I shouldn't complain, because last year we didn't get any snow till February. This year, not so. I do love winter and snow, and for the most part love living in the northeast. Just when bad weather interferes with driving and getting to where I need to be is not so fun.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I just want to know

why is it when men get sick, they have to stay in bed????? Seriously, I appreciate the fact that you don't feel well, and just need a little rest. But, when it goes on for a few days and not doing anything gets old fast.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Any New Year's resolutions?? For me personally, I don't even attempt to make them as I will just as quickly break them. Life is too short. Now that the holidays are over, it will feel good to get back to a regular routine. Hopefully this next storm won't make for a snow day tomorrow. I am glad that John is taking another day off tomorrow, so if it does happen I can still work. I think bad road conditions are the one thing I truly despise about my job. I have a lot of miles to cover and bad roads make it worse.
Last night John and I went out for dinner with another couple. Our plans almost got cancelled because our babysitter backed out. However, her parents made her change her party plans and keep her sitting commitment. A little nervewracking for a few, but it turned out to be a fun evening. When we got home John John was up waiting for game night. We played a round of Sorry, and then a game of his creation. Then we went upstairs and snuggled in bed together. John John made it till 11. Not bad.
Today we are getting another storm (I mentioned this earlier!). Guess it will be another lazy day around the house. I do have some work reports to do, and should do some cleaning. Fun fun fun!!
We booked a room at the indoor water park for John's birthday. This is in lieu of a big "invite the class" party. I convinced John John a couple of months ago to do this as big parties were just becoming too much of a hassle. I so hate inviting all these people, and then hardly anyone RSVP's. Last year was a total fiasco with the gym changing our party date. So, enough of that crap, and a weekend at an indoor water park is my idea of a better time. I don't mind say maybe 3 or 4 kids over for pizza, but no to a big party.
John won't know till some time this month if he's going away in March. I should feel guilty for wishing it isn't a go, but in some ways I hope he isn't going. For the most part John John and I are fine. So, we shall see.