Friday, April 25, 2008

crazy week

This has just been a crazy week. It all started last Sunday when we were driving home from Phil's. We had literally just pulled onto the turnpike, and John's mom called us. She told us that John's grandmother just passed away. Nanny, as she was lovingly called, died peacefully at home, at the ripe old age of 99. When we got back home John's dad called to say the funeral would be on Wednesday. Now the only glitch in this for John was being able to leave the country.
John is currently in the process of becoming a US citizen. His green card expired the end of January, and until he gets his citizenship coming back home would be problematic. On Tuesday morning he drove into Albany to Homeland Security to see if there was any way he could get a stamp in his passport. Although Homeland Security was sorry for his predicament, they wouldn't do it. So, as I told him earlier, just pay and renew the green card. John ended up doing that, and was able to go to his grandmother's funeral.
Which leads me to the next part of the crazy week was Tuesday before we were to leave. John gets a call and his mother was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I came home quickly during the day for a bathroom break, and John was totally upset over this. I told him to just go and not wait for John John and I. I knew he wanted to possibly stay after the funeral, and it's a relatively short drive. He left, and when he got to Kingston, his mom had been discharged. Turns out she had a mini stroke. Aiye aiye aiye.
The funeral itself was a beautiful tribute to Nan. She had picked out a lovely pink casket, all lined in satin. The hymns she picked out were nice, and the minister gave a nice eulogy. It was sad seeing such a bigger than life woman leave this world. However, how can you complain about 99 years?
Now I can only hope that this is enough on craziness.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 things....

List 5 things your readers may not know about you.

1. I have a horrible habit of swearing, especially when I'm driving.

2. I love coloring, especially with new crayons.

3. I have dual citizenship (American / Canadian)

4. I worked for a summer in housekeeping at a hotel.

5. I failed my driver's test on the first try.

There! No I can't confess to anything extraordinary. I can not do the splits. Can't do anything with my tongue (at least not blog material). Have I done things that I'm not proud of? You bet. However these are 5 things you may not know about moi.

Monday, April 14, 2008

spring break

and so it is! The weather is being cooperative, and by the end of the week it's supposed to be in the upper 6o's. I am so happy to see the snow melting and out of the way for 6 months or so. This week is John John's spring break. I unfortunately am working most of it. Too much to do, and not enough time to finish it these days. At least I don't have to see my 3 to 5 year olds. I did come out of one house only to find out she has lice. NASTY! My clothes went right into the wash after work. Somedays I feel like I don't get paid enough to go into such dirty places. Not that I'm immaculate myself, but in those places mine looks beautiful.
I was a very good girl this past weekend. I took John up to Kingston to see his grandparents. John had to work, so I figured it beat hanging around here. John John hasn't seen them since Christmas and I figured it would be a nice thing to do. My in-laws appreciated the gesture and enjoyed the visit. I was able to meet a friend for coffee. We missed John, but I bet he enjoyed the little break. This coming weekend we are heading over to my brother's for a mini Passover. Weird celebrating it with just us, but no other invites were forthcoming.
I am busy these days at work. I can't complain as the money is good. We shall see what the summer is like. Now it's off to fold some laundry. The fun never ends.