Friday, August 22, 2008

one more week of summer vacation

when I was a teacher I thought 10 weeks wasn't enough. Then again, I did work without much of a break. Now that I have a child I can definitely see that 10 weeks is long. I see how he's regressed with his math skills. John still is reading, but definitely not up to par. Transitioning back to school will be an adjustment.
I am blogging downstairs on our new laptop. John ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and it was a bit of a problem at first. We had to have a Dell tech here, and support from Time Warner. Now it is working, and I am enjoying the wireless mode! When John goes overseas in September and October we'll miss this little luxury. It will be nice knowing that he won't have to bother work for a laptop and he can email/chat daily. John John even loves the laptop! I have to fight him to use it.
Work has been quieter than normal. Next week I am working 3 days. Hopefully I'll pick up some new kids at my other job in September/October. I also hope some more evaluations come in soon. Weird not being so busy.
Tomorrow we are heading over to Boston to check out the Kennedy library with my brother and his family. It will be fun. John has been to 3 presidential libraries this summer. At least he's had some educational opportunities!!

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